Wentworth Aircraft is your headquarters for Experimental and Homebuilt aircraft parts.

We have supplied more used lycoming engines, radios, and instruments than anyone else IN THE WORLD for Homebuilders!

Call now to find out what we have in stock and save thousands on your homebuilt aircraft!

You have probably noticed our indoor sales booths at Oshkosh and Sun N Fun. For over 15 years we have shown our commitment to the Homebuilt market by attending homebuilt focused shows, meeting our customers and keeping abreast of the markets needs and desires.

Try us for your used engine, avionics, instrument, misc. needs, and join our ever growing base of satisfied customers saving thousands of dollars over buying new.

Our staff is knowledgeable and has vast experience dealing with all types of homebuilts including:

  • Vans RV-3, RV-4, RV-6 / 6A, RV-7, RV-8 / 8A, RV-9 / 9A and now RV-10!!
  • Glasair I, II, III, TD, FT, and RG
  • Glastar
  • Long EZ
  • Lancair thru IV P
  • Cozy
  • Velocity, RG & MK IV
  • Kitfox
  • Pitts
  • Christen Eagle
  • Acro Sport
  • Mustang, Mustang II
  • Thorp T-18

And many, many more.

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We have guaranteed parts and great prices, plus our items are stored inside and are handled by our expert staff ensuring quality and satisfaction to you!