Used lycoming o-360 aia for sale

Used lycoming o-360 aia for sale

Wentworth Aircraft has the largest selection of used lycoming engines for your aircraft.  The Lycoming 0-360 AIA is a great solution for rebuildable and experimental aircraft as well as your Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee/Archer, Grumman Tiger.

We have hundreds of engines in stock and are constantly selling current stock.  Please call for your specific needs to see what we have in stock that will fit your needs best.  Dave is your direct contact for used Lycoming engine sales.  You may reach him at: 1-800-4WENTWORTH or 1-800-493-6896.

We generally have hundreds of used lycoming engines to fit your needs and will work with you to make sure that you get the best used Lycoming o-360 for your project.

In all there  are 167 different models ofO-360′s with 12 different prefixes.  Below are some of the basics

The O-360 family of engines comprise 167 different models with 12 different prefixes. All have a 361 cubic inch (5.9 liters) displacement

  • O-360carbureted series
  • HO-360 vertically mounted series for helicopter installation
  • LO-360 same as O-360, but with left-hand rotating crankshaft, for use in pairs on twin-engined aircraft
  • TO-360turbocharged series
  • LTO-360 turbocharged left-hand rotation series
  • IO-360fuel-injected series
  • LIO-360 same as IO-360, but with left-hand rotating crankshaft
  • AIO-360 inverted mount fuel-injected series
  • AEIO-360aerobatic fuel-injected series
  • HIO-360 vertically mounted fuel-injected series for helicopters
  • LHIO-360 left-hand rotation, fuel-injected, vertically-mounted for helicopters
  • TIO-360 turbocharged and fuel-injected series


Used O-360 engine for sale