Used Garmin GI 106A

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Garmin GI 106A

Whether you are building a homebuilt or upgrading your panel, a used Garmin GI 106A CDI (course deviation Locator) is a great addition to your plane.

These units are the preferred CDI for the Garmin 530, 530 WAAS, 430, 430 WAAS, CNX 80, GNS 480, SNL 30 and can also be used with King KX 165 Nav/Com, KNS 80 or KNS 81 RNAVs.

Some Features Include:

Rectilinear Needle Movements, Integral GPS, NAV, and VLOC Modes, Integral Resolver for VOR / GPS OBS Feedback, VOR / LOC / GPS Needle, To From Arrow, Nav Warning Flag, Glideslope Needle, and Panel Mounted.


Garmin 106A

Purchasing a used Garmin GI 106A is a great way to save hundreds of dollars off of the retail price while still getting a fully functional and high quality piece of avionics for your panel.

In the last 20+ years, Wentworth Aircraft has built a reputation for being a high quality used parts and avionics dealer including one of the top places to get used garmin avionics!

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